5 Ton Diesel Forklift

5 Ton Diesel Forklift


Engine Model
XINCHAI 498(4C6)

Products description

1. Two-wheel drive low fuel consumption good economy long service life easy maintenance.
2. Made in China.The shift is smooth and comfortable to operate, SMC Static insulation Hood.
3. The overall standard forging and thick steel steel plate to press the double layer baking paint.
4. Vehicle bridge TCM manufactured by a well-known Chinese manufacturer.
5. Rear counterweight castiron,Small turning radius and detachable.


Engine model:XinChaiC498(4C6).
Mast type:2 stages / 3 stages
Lifting height:3000mm-7000mm
Loading Capacity:5000kg
Machine weight:6200kg
Tires:Pneumatic tires / Solid tires
Overall Dimensions:3195*1480*2270mm
Load Center:500mm
Transmission:Manual Transmission/Automatic gearbox/Electronic gearbox

Other options

Optional engine Japanese engine, American engine, Chinese engine
Optional EPA, LPG, Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5 engines.
Optional Sideshifter,Fork Positioner,Paper Roll Clamp,Rotator,Bale Clamp,Multi-Purpose Clamp,etc.
For more attachment, please contact us to customize for you.

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